April 27, 2010
I have a new book coming out later this year called The Illuphemes. It's a sci-fi / history / humor book about a fictional universe, in a flat world, populated by stick figures. It will feature black and white illustrations drawn by me. If you liked the humor in my comic strip Horatio Algiers you'll love this one. Here's a list of my future projects:

1. Grandma Plim 2 - This novella sequel to the original Grandma Plim will feature characters from the original. It won't, however, feature the same rhyming scheme or illustrator. So far it's coming along nicely. Look for this book by next summer!

2. My previously unavailable first book, Skin Deep - a racial romp for kids and adults, will be heading back to the press for a little makeover. This once-colorful epic will be rendered into amazing black & white and made available to the general public as soon as it's ready. This book was illustrator by yours truly.

3. Currently shelved but no less viable is my update to Struwwelpeter, the German children's classic. It features all new, socially relevant moral tales to scare your kids out of their bad habits!

  September 26, 2009
Grandma Plim's paperback book price has been reduced to $7.99 for USA, $8.99 for Canada and $9.99 for other countries! Prices don't include $2 flat rate shipping. Price variance due to higher shipping rates for foreign countries. Go check it out.

  May 12, 2009
Grandma Plim is now available for purchase in the shop section! Go check it out.

Also, I've set up the rest of the menu to link to actual places. Blog currently links to my Grandma Plim blog, and if you don't know Grandma Plim is my first book, in the tradition of Edward Gorey and Roald Dahl. Horatio currently links to my Horatio Algiers blog, where I have, for the past 52+ weeks, posted new Horatio Algiers comic strips. Video now links to my youtube site which, on occasion, will have videos directly related to my book projects, comic strips or other ridiculous ventures I've involved myself in.

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